“Be a l⬛️a⬜️d⬛️y⬜️” they said

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Apr 2020

First off girls make sure to che k out @girls .girls.girls.magazine @cynthiaenixon @clairerothstein @louissouyavemusic @paul .mclean1 well as somone having only 31 followers 😃and who is so not popular , this post will NOT get many views let alone getting a view from @girls .girls.girls.magazine 😔but fingers crossed I just hope that it inspires somone out there like it inspired me the second I saw it on instagram and I hope that it makes people reflect even for a second on the very fact that mental health is JUST as significant as physical health which is by the way overlooked often times . I finally did it yayyy this is my version of this MASTERPIECE .I legit put in so much time I know it didn't turn out perfect tho( perfectionism pandemic is even more dangerous than this Covid -19 situation goin on for a while now 🤦🏻‍♀️ ) but I encourage girls from all over the world to make their own version of it( who am I to encourage right ) still I just desperately want girls to speak up cause as females it is our duty to do our part and make our voices be heard. I have been working so hard on this , working on every single detail since it is invaluable to me and as somone who struggles with mental issues on a daily basis , It instantly touched my soul . Sometging just clicked N I 1000% relate to it cant even stress that enough . it was SUPER important for me to share it as CONTRODICTORY( I wouldn't say impossible ❌ tho since we live in a modern society where almost anything is possible especially beauty wise ) standards are imposed upon every aspect of beauty in today's society. I personally feel stuck every single day and insanely pressured by standards after standards. I wish it was either black or white atleast but it’s black and white 🤷🏻‍♀️its like trying to be EVERYBODY’s EVERYTHING , TRYING TO BE EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME: ( its an impossible perfectionistic approach ) good gurl/bad gurl/ Fat/ thin / religious /non religious / vulnarable / powerful ..etc its like we have all reached the point at which we no longer know who we should be cause if we simply try to be ourselves it feels like we can't get that outward approval we all as human beings desire