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8 hours ago

Let’s make this week a good one frens! 🧡

16 hours ago

Memphis, as silly and as goofy as a Golden can be❣️ #crittercarecritter #goldenretriever #goofygolden #sillydog #fieldgoldenretriever

21 hours ago

. New week! New adventures! What craziness will this week bring us all? They are talking snow here today! #2020crazy . Bandana from @dmdogfashions . 💛Follow our Golden Gang💛 . 💛 @goldengirlfrankie 💛 @addie_the_golden 💛 @ourgoldensweetdarlings 💛 @janiewillowandleith 💛 @crisouthegolden 💛 @joey_thefriendlygolden 💛 @solui__2 💛 @running_with_rory 💛 @maggiemaysgoldenlife 💛 @candysandy_macandsully 💛 @lunas_golden_life 💛 @finleythetherapydog 💛 @sparrowbfreidman 💛 @river .and.illi 💛 @life_with_lani_ 💛 @lifewithtravisandruby 💛 @bellasjazzylife 💛 @karabella .macchiato 💛 @maya_thewhitegolden 💛 @lily .charlie.monty 💛 @goldentailwag 💛 @ella .maia.thegoldengirls 💛 @nayahthegolden 💛 @cooperbaileymolly 💛 @therapydog_autumn 💛 @ziggy .midas.roxy.goldens 💛 @thefluffybuttsfamily 💛 @mygoldencooper 💛 @thegoldenleoswe


Vi hade sån otroligt härlig dag igår. På förmiddagen fick vi massa ärenden gjorda och vi passade även på att lägga spår till hundarna. Jag spårar sällan med Åska. Hon har otroligt bråttom i spåret och det liknar mest weight pull när vi går där. Igår kunde hon dock sakta ner och faktiskt spåra, så pass att hon till och med hittade godisarna (som hon annars bara brukar rusa förbi ). Så jag ska försöka se till att vi spårar mer, för det är sån himla bra aktivering. Efter det tog vi en skogspromenad, tills älgflugorna svärmade oss och vi flydde tillbaka till bilen. Hundarna blev riktigt trötta och nöjda 💕


My coat wasn’t dark enough for my liking. So I thought it appropriate to roll in mud


Idag stog det spår på schemat 😊 här en liten bit av spåret, hon gick riktigt bra, körde dock utan pinnar idag. Men hon hittade alla godisar 😋 så kul träning, och riktigt nöjd är hon nu.


Good morning! 🥰


Hi, I’m Moose—I’m new around here. I was born on August 27, 2020 in South Carolina. Thanks to SCFieldGoldens for providing a great home for me! When I was just about 8 weeks, my new family came to pick me up. We drove around in a car. Swipe to see me on a plane. 😎 Actually, I wasn’t so sure about it all, but felt better when I stuck my nose out of the bag. Phew! Anyways, now we are settled in Iowa. I’ll post more of my adventures here, so feel free to follow along! • • • #fieldgoldenretriever #goldenretrieverpuppy #goldensofinstagram #reddog


Me and mom have now started to train rally obedience and we really like it, both of us ⭐ But two days of rally-o for beginners like us calls for a sunday afternoon in this position 👆

2 days ago

My girl and I dressed up for her Faux Homecoming. She’s so pretty! 😍🦮 #classof2021 #goldenretriever #goldenretrieversofinstagram #fieldgoldens #fieldgoldenretriever #fieldgoldensofinstagram

2 days ago

Smiling doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy. Sometimes it just mean you just had a good poop. 💩 #goldenretrieversverige #goldenretriever #golden #goldenretrieversofinstagram #huntinggoldenretriever #fieldgoldenretriever #dogpoo #hundliv #doglife

2 days ago

Charlie boy update: coming up on 11 weeks and he can sit, lay down, fetch and go to his “place”. He can now sleep through most of the night in his crate and happily goes in at night time. His brother Clyde is soo close to being his friend and his sister Bonnie is agreeing to disagree. He loves walkies to the lake and watching the ducks. #charliefries

2 days ago

Sann retriverlycka ❤️ skitgrisen tar sig ett helgbad 🥰


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Jul 2020

Dreaming back to the late nights in the mountains where the sun never sets 💭 Btw, rockin' this sidecut like never before ✌️

Jul 2020

Happy long weekend frens !! I’ll be cooling off in Georgian Bay all weekend long ☀️

Aug 2020

Explored a new trail this evening and had an absolutely blast! I even got to run the bases on the baseball diamond ⚾️