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10 hours ago

Hey y’all!! Happy Friday! I’ve been MIA for a little bit, but it’s for good reasons 🤫. I’ll be revealing some of the items I’ve been working on soon. Here are a few random facts about myself for my new followers... ⫸ I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. A new book always came out around my birthday (July ). So on the years of the new releases this was the only thing I HAD to have. ⫸ I love playing fantasy football. I’m still trying to convince my husband to let me join his league 😉 so until then I join others. ⫸ There are only two movie franchises I will stop and watch ANYTIME it is on tv. Jurassic Park and MIB. Don’t ask why, but I’m addicted to them. ⫸ If TV shows could be our soulmate Frasier would be mine. I have a good cry laugh watching every episode. ⫸ A guilty pleasure of mine is fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My mom always made them for me as a kid and I still love them to this day. . . . . #graphics #logo #customlogo #designer #lovebydesign #creative #smallbusiness #entrepreneurship #graphicdesigner #startup #creativebiz #content #femaleentrepreneur #blogger #brandingstrategy #personalbranding #createyourlife #empowered #femaleboss #goalcrusher #visionboard #businessideas #femaleowned #blackbusinessowner #blackwomanownedbusiness #blogginglife #fempreneur #digitalcontent #brandmanagement #rebranding

12 hours ago

#fv logo Created by @designvala 👉ALL SERVICES AVAILABLE 💌 🔸LOGO DESIGN 🔸POSTER DESIGN 🔸BUSSINESS LOGO AND CARD 🔸BIRTHDAY CARD 🔸 INSTAGRAM PAGE AND CONTENT CREATOR 👉Tags; #names_with_logo #designvala #logo #logodesigns #logoinspire #logomotives #logoinfusion #animatedlogo #theme #blackandwhite #graphicdesign #graphicscard #graphics #hastag #hastagsfordays #hastagsforlikes #bussiness #brandingdesign #brandidentity #brandlogos #likecommentshare #keepsupporting ✌🎀

2 hours ago

🙂 New Upper Call logo! 🙂 . I got a chance to work with the wonderful Emily from @beetleinkco and she crafted this gorgeous logo for me ✨ . I get lots of questions about where the name “Upper Call” came from, and I want to take a moment to explain! 🙂 . I spent all of my college years being somewhat unsure of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Like how was I supposed to figure that out at 20 years old?! 😂 . One thing never changed though, my love for pottery and ceramics 🧡 I worked at an art studio in college and if I wasn’t working there, I was creating! . After college, I moved back home and got another job at a small art studio where I taught pottery lessons for couples and families (I even saw an engagement there! ) 🤩 . I worked lots of jobs after (I was a babysitter, I was a Barista at Starbucks, I worked with middle/high school students at my local church, I was a Kindergarten teachers assistant ) 😂 . But every day, I would wake up and look forward to getting home (from whichever job! ) to make more pottery 🏺 . This was a deep calling and love that was put on my life. When God created me, I believe that this is what He planned for my life. To make happy pots and spread happy thoughts. This was my calling, hence the name “Upper Call” 🙂

4 hours ago

I am in love with my ‘Pumpkin Trio’ crewneck! Go grab a crewneck for fall, and keep up with my posts for MORE DESIGNS to come for the HOLIDAY COLLECTION!⚡️🍂