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Pretty tree near me🎀

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La tête dans les nuages☁️🌥💫 Ça fait du bien de réfléchir à ce qu’on veut vraiment dans la vie, de pouvoir faire un choix de qui qu’on veut qui soit à nos côtés. Des fois, c’est bon de pouvoir s’offrir ce temps-là et de penser à notre vie, à notre futur et à la qualité de vie qu’on veut se donner. Faire cela pour soi, pour sa santé mentale, mais physique aussi c’est le plus beau cadeau que l’on peut s’offrir ✨ ❕Je vous le conseille si vous avez le temps❕

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Your therapist wants to know. We know this is hard to believe, but whatever it is that’s on your mind. Whatever it is that you think your therapist has missed or doesn’t understand, they want to know. In that first session where they asked you a million scary, confronting and personal questions, that was them trying to help you identify what you want to work on so that you can work together towards feeling better. In our experience, most therapists want to work with you, as a team. They don’t want to be mysteriously analysing you and proving how good they are at reading you. They want to be collaborative, understanding and to listen to whatever it is that you are concerned about. They also aren’t going to accuse you of self-diagnosing or reading too much into something. They want to know what you are thinking. Many symptoms or challenges related to mental health are invisible. Only you can detect them. So it’s your job so be super duper brave and let your therapist know what these challenges are so that they can help you. So this week, we challenge you to tell them whatever it is that you are scared of admitting. Whatever it is that isn’t working or isn’t being addressed. Something that helped C make it just a little bit easier for her and forced her not to leave anything out on the day, was writing a note to hand to her therapist. When C walked into the room, the therapist saw her holding it and was able to persuade C to let her read it! There is nothing wrong with using different ways to communicate with your therapist. Therapists want to know! They have to know so they can help you. Good luck! Be brave. Be honest. Love C&L. 💛

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Sunday Stroll; still can't find the Entwives

Jun 2020

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Atmosfere Autunnali 🍂🍁🍂 Autumn atmospheres 🍂 🍁🍂🌰 . . . . . . . . #autumnatmosphere #fallingleaves #treesofinstagram #colorsofautumn #foliage #foliage_love #wood #hills #clouds #darksky #natureshots

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Impressions of Autumn 17: Oak Lawn Cemetery. Multiple exposure blend of a single tree in a cemetery in Northfield, MN. I really like how the headstones provide subtle texture in the foreground with more dramatic texture in the background. What do you think?

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Gorgeous submission from @lwaing20 🌿 #fsu #trees #treesofinstagram

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Lots of mushrooms and color in the forests these weeks 🍁