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my old acc got deleted but i post jerrie moments and spam pictures of jesy and yh send requests for anything to post idrm 💘

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so admist everything going on rn i am still posting because it makes me happy and hopefully some of you guys too. however, this does not mean that i'm not taking everything going on right now seriously. what happened to george floyd and has happened to so many others has no explanation other than racism and we ALL need to stand together now against all the disgusting racists to get justice and try to make a change. my dms are open if anyone needs to talk and once again please sign any petition you can and if you're protesting. stay safe. ❤️

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in case you need cheering up⬆️ the editing of this is priceless when it showed jade still singing 😂 - please sign the link in my bio if you haven't already. anything you can do to make a difference to this messed up, racist society will be appreciated #blacklivesmatter


the world's a bit crazy right now but i decided to post this edit to show my support to the lgbt+ community. little mix have always been hugely supportive which I wanted to show in this edit. watch until the end!! - http://chng.it/C4tcmqR8Xb DIRECT LINK IN MY BIO


sun kissed baby☀️💋 @jesynelson #jesynelson - i'm sorry for not posting about this sooner. but please sign this petition every vote counts: http://chng.it/C4tcmqR8Xb THE DIRECT LINK IS IN MY BIO

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i miss jade and jesy being their goofy selves in interviews :( also I can't stop laughing at that dance hahahaha - #jadethirlwall #jesynelson

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just a daily dose of jerrie being wifes, jesy questioning her "wonky mouth" and leigh defending it what more could you want x

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got a big edit coming monday 😁 hope y'all are well

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my favourite little mix content to come out of lockdown thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu @capitalofficial @romankemp #littlemix

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they're so cute😩❤️ #leigh #jesy #brrshalingjing - @jesynelson @leighannepinnock

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@jadethirlwall has NOT forgotten, we're getting either secret love song, I love you, nobody like you or even charlie puth if we're extra, extra lucky 😂😳 @leighannepinnock #leandre

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LEIGH ANNE CONGRATULATIONS I LOVE YOUU❤️❤️ the girls reactions are so cute pls get them together againnn

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these little mix songs from each album>>> let's talk about it⬇️ glory days and salute are so good it hurts :( - @littlemix #littlemix

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lerrie edit 💘 they'll always love each other they're really like sisters #leigh #perrie - @perrieedwards @leighannepinnock

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perrie asked, they delivered. one of their best performances didn't even need to be in the tour tbh x - @jadethirlwall @perrieedwards @jesynelson @leighannepinnock

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3 years ago yesterday💕 such an amazing event for such a tragedy

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some of jade's most beautiful bridges 💕 which ones your favourite? @jadethirlwall #jadethirlwall SWIPE↪️ - q; order these songs from favorite to least favorite a; if i get my way, lmol, break up song

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the girls at the global awards 2019 ! it's such a shame they didn't go this year they were amazing the past 2 years ❤️🏆

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Love you @jesynelson ❤️// miss seeing you on stage, can't wait until i can ! #jesy

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my brain at 3am every night🤯 - @leighannepinnock #leighannepinnock @jadethirlwall #jadethirlwall

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Posted a lot of Perrie recently so thought I'd post this ot3 moment 😂😂 "young saveloy" i wanna be their friend hahaha pls - #leighannepinnock #jesynelson #jadethirlwall

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i was too lazy to post yesterday so happy late birthday to black magic because of you their whole third album excelled and that year we got a US promo tour, a Europe one, Japan and Australia promo so it was just a great time it's one of the reasons I became a mixer so happy birthdayyy black magic @littlemix #littlemix

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hahaha r they actually ok😳 took this from @/lmdream youtube channel check it out x