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90 places left on #slaychallenge (Link in bio 👆🏽 )


Google ‘pole vaulter’s abs’.... I’ll wait 💅🏾 Describe what you saw in 3 words...comment below 👇🏽 #slay


I stayed up past ten...

2 days ago

#slayoftheday brought to you by @promixnutrition 3 of my fave AB exercises to strengthen your core 1 ) Rowing 2 ) Vaulter’s Abs 3 ) Crossbody Climbers Aim for 3 x 20 reps Tag your slay sista 💕

3 days ago

16 days until @slaychallenge PRE-SALE STARTS MONDAY! Only 100 places worldwide! #slaychallenge

5 days ago

#slayoftheday brought to you by @promixnutrition 3 basic bish exercises for killer legzzz 1 ) Back Squat 2 ) Forward Lunge 3 ) Burpee Aim for 3 x 20 Reps Tag your slay sista 💕

6 days ago

19 Days until @slaychallenge

1 weeks ago

20 days until @slaychallenge NEW LAUNCH DATE ANNOUNCED March 9th!!! In the meantime, add these Single Leg Kickbacks to your work out for some booty/glute activation! #slaychallenge

1 weeks ago

Mercury retrograde is here so I’ll be wearing this cape for protection.... Here are my survival tips 1. Reflect, rethink and re-write any recent wrong doings 2. Pause before you react, try to emotionally regulate 3. Expect communication to be unclear and take your time This is a time for us to slow down and course correct so if you’ve fallen off your exercise then get back on but be gentle with yourself. Dieting shouldn’t be extreme but should be health focused not calorie focused. Good luck! L x

2 weeks ago

3 Fat Burning Exercises for yo legzzzz gurl 💅🏾 Aim for 3 x 20 reps 1 ) Curtsy Lunge 2 ) Kickbacks 3 ) Burpees Tag your slay sista 💕

2 weeks ago

24days until @slaychallenge

2 weeks ago

#slayoftheday brought to you by @promixnutrition 3 exercises to TONE your booty 1 ) Plié Squats 2 ) Side Lunges 3 ) Split Squat Aim for 3 x 20 Reps Tips: Keep your chest upright throughout and weight distributed through the heels of your feet.

2 weeks ago

26 days until @slaychallenge I’m looking for 100 women worldwide who are ready to give it their absolute all for 21 days starting March 9th. I’ll be providing a daily 30 minute workout and nutritional guidance via our new app so that you can SLAY on demand! Tag your sista 💕 and get ready to SLAY Pre-sale coming soon!!!

3 weeks ago

Yoooooo you bodied this Ab exercise @sophiabush and how cute is your little growl! 🤗 very proud of the way you rise to whatever I throw at you...literally! Aim for 3 x 20 reps Tag you slay sista and get to werk💕

4 weeks ago

Thank you @telegraph Mark Bailey for this beautiful piece on @theslaygym 💕💕💕 📷 @hen_____ry

4 weeks ago

68 days to go.... It’s official... SLAY is about to be on demand; this year I’m launching SLAY online training @slaychallenge I will be releasing our first ever 21 day fitness challenge complete with nutrition on April 6th 2020. Only 100 places will be released worldwide and pre-sale will be announced soon! I look forward to collaborating with some amazing women. With just two months to go I’m going to be working my butt off to bring you the dopest female challenge in the world! Periodt. Yours in SLAY Lou Lou 💕

4 weeks ago

I remembered a wicked conversation last year with @lpeopleswagner at the @teenvogue summit about the struggle that many of us women of color face when it comes to how to wear our hair for training. Yesterday I had my hair cornrowed for the first time since I stopped competing in track and field and it reminded me of how I used to feel like a warrior stepping out to battle with my braids. Not only did I wake up this morning feeling strong, and beautiful but I saved 20 minutes not having to do any hair care. Curly, kinky, textured hair is not an INCONVENIENCE but a GIFT! It’s a gift to be able to rock your hair three ways. It reminded me that when I CHOOSE to blow out my natural hair I actually choose to inconvenience myself by 20minutes each morning, I deprive it of the moisture that it loves, my sweaty workout routine might get sidelined for something that keeps my hair frizz free for longer and I choose to put my money in the pocket of another hair stylist and not my sister. 💕 More to come on this topic, but for now I’d like to thank @hairess_n_hollywood for killing it and @vernonfrancois for always encouraging me to learn more and work with my natural hair more. ❤️

last month

We women are powerful! @thekiragram shows us how to slay these medicine ball abs! Tag a sister 💕and try 20 Reps for your next ab finisher

last month

Society reinforces the idea that pain is bad thing. If something causes pain or discomfort then it can’t be good for us - it makes us feel unsafe. Rather than find ways to manage discomfort we are told that we must REST. In reality, this often makes us more FEARFUL and FRAGILE - and puts us at greater risk of injury. When the outcome that we desire is to become more resilient, we must be ok with pushing ourselves through the mental barriers first. #mindovermatter

last month

Too many of us rush to put a band aid on an open wound. Sometimes wounds need to be cleansed first, they need time to air. And sometimes that wound is so deep that a band aid won’t do - that thing might need stitches! When you own your pain and you sit with it before trying to pretend it’s not there, you give yourself the gift of being able to heal from the inside first. #slay

last month

Only wearing this outfit to the gym from now on.... #goldenglobes #warnerbrosinstylegoldenglobes

last month

Hanging Leg Raises by @maraakil Aim for 5 x 10 These are great for firing up those lower abdominal muscles 💥 here we are alternating between bent leg raises and straight leg raises.

last month

#slayoftheday 20 x Bicycle Crunch 10 x Inchworm 30 x Abductor Raise Aims for 3 sets. Tag your slay sista 💕 #slay 🎵 secret sauce - Jef

last month

#Repost @megmonahan ・・・ Maybe the best feeling is being truly SEEN by someone else. When someone looks at you and truly sees who you are- the light, the dark, the messy, the extraordinary-it’s the greatest gift because it reflects back to you. In that moment it’s impossible for YOU not to remember who you really are. The depth of that reflection though is determined not by how worthy others think you are, but how much you see and love yourself. ‪Let yourself past the gates of your own heart and others will follow.‬ ❤️ Until then, people will see what they want to see in THEMSELVES when they look at you. 🤷🏻‍♀️