We Who Observe (@wewhoobserve) October 2018

Hey everyone! Welcome to We Who Observe's instagram page! For those of you that doesn't know, We Who Observe or for short WWO is a personal project created by @catalinasjarief that aims to help create a healthier and more diverse society for us and the younger generation to live in through expressing in different forms of art. Through my own observation and experiences as well as others opinion about how our society needs to be improved, We Who Observe aims to inspire others especially teenagers to take action and to set a better impact for the younger generations to follow in order to make our society a better place by changing their perspective through art. Be sure to stay tune and keep updated for furthermore details regarding the information and news! Also don't forget to support We Who Observe, because by supporting you're helping to create a better and healthier society for others to live in! For more details, don't hesitate to DM or a message!✨