@randallwaterford Randall Waterford

Actor 🎭 dancer 🕺🏻 currently attending Academy of art university.

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Nov 2018

I hope everyone has a beautiful day today! just know that before you put your energy and light into the world for others make sure that you are at peace with yourself and be content with who you are before anything else because you are important and you do matter 💕 #positivequotes #love #motivationalquotes #youmatter

Nov 2018

I really resonate with this quote by actress @theshando we are more than what meets the eye and have a lot to give intellectually and artistically. Never allow someone to stifle your self expression and inner life, be who you are! No matter what anyone says. There are many labels in this world but I guarantee you, there is only one of you so make the best out of living by just Being you 💕 #motivation #positivequotes #love

Oct 2018

I haven’t been as active as I would like to be on instagram.. due to personal issues, self confidence, and an array of other things that are mixed in there as well. But as I grow and continue to learn about who I am and the things that I stand for and firmly believe in, I continue to be less afraid to show who I am as an individual, and show the things that I do every day that create an immense amount of rich life within me and keeps me in the right headspace. I plan to post more about my life ventures and my acting as well so that everyone can see that there is more to know about me than what I initially lead on. I hope everyone will share this journey with me and grow with me as well 💕 P.s this is also me having a breakdown with @brianneruth because midterms are starting and I’m ya know bAd.

Jun 2018

I would just like to say thank you to my best friend @tectonikraven who helped me celebrate my 20th birthday in la and showed me that I’m still young and not hella old to have fun and turn up! And I also wanna thank my friend @brianneruth for being down and meeting me out there to celebrate with me. And I just can’t say it enough of how blessed I am to have great friends in my life who love and cherish me as much as I do them and I look forward to the many adventure the years has to come for me 💕😊