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🐶 be the person your dog thinks you are 26.2 x 3 + 13.1 x 23 | #postopcomeback x 4 alzheimer’s advocate | #RunningForBubbie oiselle volée + team nuun

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2 weeks ago

Government mandated or not, I’d only choose to party with 5 or under. A++ weekend with the best around!

last month

My Dad was Atlantic City PD for more than 20 years. He certainly wasn’t perfect, but the one thing he valued more than anything in the world was my opinion and view of him. I’m saddened by the missed opportunity to have a discussion with him on this matter and for him to make a difference on the force and in the city. _ Being the daughter/son/wife/husband/sister/brother etc of a cop doesn’t give you a pass to not care about police brutality, and I promise you can simultaneously say “I love my cop [insert family member here] but also #BlackLivesMatter and I want and expect better from the police”. They aren’t mutually exclusive. _ For the “ #AllLivesMatter ” crew - I swearrrr to you, it doesn’t mean other lives don’t. Like people who say “Save the Rainforest” aren’t saying “Fuck all other types of forests”. It’s just that the rainforests are rapidly dying at a disproportionate rate and it needs the World’s attention. _ Lastly for the “where are the riots when a black man kills a white man” group - Black men (and women ) are ALWAYS held accountable for crimes, even ones they didn’t commit (Central Park 5, I highly suggest watching When They See Us on Netflix ). We ALSO expect the white cops who commit crimes to be held to the same standard.

last month

Black Lives Matter - If you are going to post for Black Out Tuesday, take the time to learn how to be actively anti-racist and a better ally. It’s not for our Black friends and family to teach us: Google, read, learn.

last month

Quaranversary trip 💯.. perfect way to celebrate 4 years, MDW & the @nationalparkservice opening back up.

last month

Happy 4th Anniversary! Thank you for knowing when I say “I’m fine” I’m not, for realizing when I say “I’m not hungry, don’t get me anything” that I’m starving, that when I say “we aren’t doing presents this year” that it really means I got you several and I want it reciprocated, for when I say “I wish we had a little bit of outdoor space” every day in quarantine.. it means to take me to a house on 85 acres in the Shenandoah Mountains but also resign to the fact that it will be ALWAYS be bad weather no matter where we celebrate including our wedding/honeymoon and find humor in it. Despite your awful pandemic facial hair choices, I would still choose to be quarantined with you for 72 days and counting. #BWellAndKomparti

last month

16 years, the same amount of time we had together.

May 2020

@karagoucher said it better than I could have ・・・ Today I ran for Ahmaud Arbery. I have been unable to get his murder out of my mind. I discovered running at a young age, and the freedom and empowerment it has brought into my life has been an incredible gift. But Ahmaud was murdered while out enjoying his run. He was followed simply because he was black. I have never had to worry about people chasing me around because of my race. I cannot understand or imagine what that is like. I have no idea what it’s like to live in a world filled with racism. I am not perfect. I am nervous to say something that is offensive. I appreciate criticism that helps me to become a better ally. I am doing my best to be a good supporter. What happened to Ahmaud, and happens to people of color all the time, is unacceptable. I cannot sit back silently.  While I can never truly understand or feel that pain, I want to be someone who helps make change. Please take the time to head to the link in my bio to sign a petition and make calls to voice your frustration and demand change.  You can also still register to run in Ahmaud’s honor today or over the weekend. I will continue to keep learning and doing better.   #RunWithMaud #JusticeForAhmaudArbery #IRunWithMaud

May 2020

My cup has been filled all the way up, responsibly. Quarantine birthday has exceeded all of my expectations thanks to my wonderful husband, friends and family. Special shout out to @danielleandreotta (& her trusty producers @jerzona21 and @a_salmo ) for editing together the most amazing birthday video ever.

Apr 2020

Stay at home, thank the essential heroes and wash your hands. #BeLikeMaggie

Mar 2020

Hey - this is Lisa - I call her Mom.. sometimes LB. If we’re friends, you’ve most certainly asked her or asked me to ask her for medical advice for you or your kid, personal advice or her expertise in something. Because let’s face it, she’s the smartest person we all know. She’s been immunocompromised since I was 9. Doctors told her she wouldn’t see me graduate high school, but she did and so much more. I don’t take this for granted. She normally saves babies at Seattle Childrens Hospital. But because of the shortage of masks and gloves, she can’t. She’s also in isolation, alone. If you love her, me, or your immunocompromised or elderly family member, can y’all just stay home (or at your quarantine spot! Pick a buddy system ) and stop having quarantine parties? Now getting some fresh air? picking a quarantine RideOrDie partner? Eating until your pants no longer fit?.. all cool and recommended as long as you’re washing your hands. • Love - a very concerned daughter who only has 1 parent left.

Mar 2020

We escaped the apartment city life, drove to Florida and rented a house in the wilderness. Since then, I’ve achieved my life goal of becoming a retired Bubbie who does as seen on TV workouts in my house dress #quarantineday8 #whiteclawszn #ministepperwithexercisebands #influencer

Mar 2020

Fam got married! So happy for @vincentcoughlin and @ro_dee_ro ❤️❤️❤️ #rvtaketheleap #toohungoverforagoodcaption

Feb 2020

Sprinkled baby boy Romo with love today 💙

Feb 2020

✨ missing this sweet soul on what would have been his 16th birthday #nemosgram

Jan 2020

The most necessary weekend. #bestbears #classicjenandrach

Jan 2020

NYD hike with my fam #Year9

Dec 2019

It’s no secret 2019 hasn’t been the best, but these weirdos filled my heart back up. #HappyHanumas #MerryChrismukkah

Dec 2019

Grief is just love with no place to go.

Dec 2019

Many of us these days, we dread the death of a loved one. It is the ugly truth of Life that keeps us feeling scared. I wish we could also appreciate the time that lies right beside the end of life. I know that I felt the most overwhelming knowledge of Nemo, and of his and our life and of my love for him. If love could keep him around, he’d be here forever. I rescued Nemo in 2005 when he was 1.5 and I 17. He was twice surrendered. Abused and terrified, he didn’t want anyone to come near him. I made him a promise that no one would hurt him again, and in return he’d give me a constant companion and a loyal best friend. He was there when I was grieving the loss of my dad the year before he landed in my life. He was there with me at UCF. He was there for a couple dozen 18 hour NJ to FL road trips. Being Nemo’s caretaker has been the most enriching life lesson I’ve ever had, when most college kids can’t make a proper meal for themselves, I was making sure he got two a day. He has been the most consistent relationship in my life. We've lived in numerous houses in several states, with lots of roommates, but it's always really been just the two of us. He was there when I met Dan. He accepted him into our lives and begrudgingly made a spot in our bed for him. He was there when Dan-the-boyfriend became Dan-the-fiancé and subsequently Dan-the-husband who loved and adored him. Thank you for choosing Maggie at the shelter. I know the constant ear cleanings and forced snuggles weren’t always your favorite, but you loved her anyway. I know that he’s not sad he’s gone, he’s just sad that I’m sad. Instead of being on my lap or at the foot of the bed (or in the last years - sleeping on the floor with him ) - he’ll be with me, wherever I go. I loved listening to every bark at nothing, every old man fart and enjoyed the swampy, most awful breath that ever emanated from an angel. How fortunate any of us may be to share a fraction of our lives with such precious creatures. How fortunate I was to have so many years full of Nemo. He is my forever puppy and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you to my best friend. Rest peacefully Neems. #nemosgram

Nov 2019

2 months ago, I deferred my NYC marathon entry. A month ago, my amazing #OnwardandUpward teammates ran through all 5 boroughs. Today, was my turn to check off a couple boxes, first trail race (never again ) and my 11th state! Together, we raised $183,868 to @sloankettering ’s early onset colorectal cancer research. For a grand total of $6,000,000 for all of Fred’s Team. The best part of raising money for @fredsteammskcc , is seeing the direct result of funds being used. #Thankful for generosity this year. Side note: can safely say trail running will not be part of my #postopcomeback journey.

Nov 2019

Googles: What do you do during an Eagles bye week?

Nov 2019

5 years ago, I checked 2 boxes.. a marathon finisher and finally going to Staten Island. Happy November 2nd @jerzona21 !

Oct 2019

Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order? • • #nemoandmaggiesexcellentadventures #nemosgram #halloween #adoptdontshop

Oct 2019

Channel the flannel