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William: “You’re almost the longest thing I’ve ever done.” . . Me: “What?” . . William: “Rutgers planking champ, 4 years in a row.” . . Me: “😐🤦‍♀️” . . . . 4 years of dating this guy, and I still can’t tell when he’s joking. Like the how I just asked him to pose for this photo 😂 Well joke’s on him, because I’m posting it anyway! I love you so much, William. Thank you for adding a special kind of affection, attention, and vulnerability to my life. You are my treasure. @domkekongcountry #Boyfriend #Anniversary #CasualBoobGrab

3 days ago

Back to work, see you in the morning! 🍑👋❤️ @ElvisDuranShow #MostFlatteringPictureOfMyButtEver #FakeNews

2 weeks ago

Seriously, guys. Ewe. *Wear your sunscreen* ❤️ 😎 @domkekongcountry #beach #boy #bae

2 weeks ago

Some people have complained that masks hide our smiles towards others, resulting in lower levels of serotonin. But idk about that. I’d say a genuine #smile is still quite clear 😊❤️ #QuarantinePartner #WearADamnMask @domkekongcountry

3 weeks ago

#Quarantine , day 746,819. I’ve finally become my truest self. 👯‍♀️ #ItsJustABunchOfHocusPocus

3 weeks ago

Happy beach baby on an empty beach 😊

3 weeks ago

This video evokes joy 🥰 Happy Anniversary, mom and dad ❤️ I really hope you learn the words soon 🤣 #32Years 💃🏼🕺

4 weeks ago

William: “I took a video of you 😊” . . . Me: “Awwww you did?! What was it?” . . . William: “You thriving.” 😑😑😑🤣 he’s damn right I was thriving, those are pickle chips I’m housing. One of my FAVORITES!!!! This low quality and unflattering video is real life, friends. Embrace it. #Thriving #Glamorous #Chips @domkekongcountry

4 weeks ago

Daddy gave me an old family bottle of Anice last week, so I thought it would be nice to make him cookies with it for #FathersDay 😊 I love you dad, thank you for being so affectionate that I have rug burn on my cheeks for days after getting kisses. And Happy Father’s Day to everyone out there who shower their kids with love. 🥰👨‍👧 #DaddyDaughter

last month

Happy Birthday to essentially me in the future, but with nicer eyes 💛 I love you mom! (And yes, she is on Instagram so she will read any lovely comment you decide to post and probably cry over the kindness of strangers 🤣 ) #BirthdayBabe

last month

There’s been lots of reflecting in the last few months: understandings of what I’m lucky to have, and blessed to have experienced. And this boy is both. I can’t believe it’s been months of constant company, and we have not grown at all tired of one another. VERY out of character for me lol . . . . One morning I woke up to this message from him on our lettering board, and it’s my favorite part of our home. #Grateful #JustSayingThanks @domkekongcountry

last month


last month

DO NOT STOP!!!! I’m so sorry you had to start, but do not stop. I’m sorry that you have to have these concerns at such a sweet age, when my concerns where so different. I’m sorry that people are looking at these protests and judging them as if they are isolated incidences, INSTEAD of the result of a long and painful buildup, not being heard. I’m sorry that a lot of the people who are saying “this is not the answer,” were not paying attention/ were complaining about people who’d take a knee during the national anthem, but now are saying “peaceful protest all you want!” I’m sorry that so many people think they can’t possibly be racists. I’m sorry that so many people don’t understand that #BlackLives matter IS EXACTLY #AllLivesMatter . And I’m sorry that no matter how I try to understand, I never will know your pain. Do not stop speaking up. Do not give up. #GeorgeFloyd @wealth

last month

My bad, you guys. #PhilCollinsChallenge 💪👎🤦‍♀️

last month

Happy Golden Birthday to my sweetheart sister!!!!! This year has kicked your butt, I know, but I’m certain that this will be your favorite age yet! So many blessings in the near future (and that goes for many people reading this as well, I’m sure! )✨ Also I have no idea what I said right before this photo to make you fear me so, but I’m sure your concern was justified. 😂❤️ I just love you. I love you I love you. Happy birthday, baby. #HappyBirthday #BirthdayBaby #ActualBaby

last month

Six feet apart and soaking up sun 😎❤️ #Safe #Sun #Smiles

last month

NEW HAIR SAME SASS! 🤪 . . . . Just like everyone else in the world, my highlights are in need of some serious help. Thank goodness I can play with Splat hair chalk without worrying about totally messing up my look on a permanent level 🤣 I just played with the color Sugar Plum, and I’m LOVING it. William is next!!! . . . . @splathairdye thanks for the fun, and for sponsoring @iheartradiobroadway Saturday Matinée!!! ❤️🤘

last month

#ThisTimeLastYear ❤️ I can’t wait to be able to safely travel with my love, and my radio family again. I know how lucky I am every single time, but days like today have me missing it something awful! Go though your photos today too, you might find one you forgot about that makes you smile 😊❤️

May 2020

Find someone who looks at you the way we look at pizza......which is basically exactly this 😍🍕 #NationalPizzaPartyDay @tonyboloneys

May 2020

Do you speak fluent 90’s child? Don’t Sink My Vibe, baby ❤️✌️ My girls from @wrenandglory , making walking with a mask (pulled it down for a photo ) a little more fashionable. ✨ #Spongebob

May 2020

1 ) Representation MATTERS!!! It changes lives!!! 2 ) Have you seen this show yet?! I LOVED IT!!!! These three are so incredibly talented (super sweet too, they were chatty before they even knew I was an interviewer which 😍😍😍 )! AND the fact that I got to hear creator @MindyKaling talk about making this in a world of narrow representation? Icing on the cake. GO GETTUM LADIES!!!!! @elvisduranshow @netflix @neverhaveiever @maitreyiramakrishnan @leerodriguezz @ramonabishyoung #NeverHaveEver #RepresentationMatters 👏👏👏

May 2020

Yesterday was the first day I got to hug my mom since quarantine. Which was lovely for me, but I had no idea she would start crying 😭❤️ . . . . I got the idea from a listener, and headed to Kohl’s to contact-free pickup a large clear shower curtain for me, and my sister! If you do it safely, and she’s as short as mine, I hope you can hug your family too! (Thank you for the edit @deannamoo22 ) #HugMe

May 2020

MOMTAGE! . . . . Happy Mother’s Day to the answer to the question, “where’d I get it from?” This fun loving, goofy, loud, animal adoring, muscle yielding, dancing, gay pride parade bouncing, sunny human being is a pip to know, and a privilege to be raised by. I love you mom. #MothersDay ❤️💐

May 2020

Just spent an hour picking out and arranging flowers for very important mothers in our (mine and William’s ) lives. It made my soul SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY to be shopping for a “non essential” during these times, that I also bought some to decorate our apartment with! 😊 I highly suggest thinking of yourself as well as the incredible mom/mom-like-figures in your life. #Flowers might make you smile too!!! 🌿🌷❤️ #TheLittleThings