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outrageous 🦋

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henty gal makes this henty girl a happy one 🏹

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you make me happy when skies are grey : ) )

2 weeks ago

were gonna stop & smell the dang roses. this year has been awesome: so far, so good !! i’ve really been enjoying this new season of growth & joy. something that i want to grow in this year is the ability to live in the moment & enjoy life for how it genuinely is. for such a long time i’ve really struggled with it. in twenty-twenty i dream of all things calm and beautiful. being surrounded by those that i love, those that continue to help me strive & those who have seen me at my worst but are still here. twenty-twenty, you’re gonna be a good year baby !

2 weeks ago

4 yonks later & one heck of story to tell ! 🚔

3 weeks ago

happy anniversary to my bestest bud 🌵🦋 thank you riles for all of the happy trails, the unexpected swims, hospital visits & for helping me win the “unexpected dismount award” last night. you’re always gonna be my good boy 🐴🌿

4 weeks ago

farewell ‘19 & thank you everyone for making this year all that it was 🥂 here’s 19 things i learnt this year: 1. be who you want to be & not what others are making you be. 2. stay focused on your flipping school work. 3. always think of the positives even if you’ve got a big cast on your leg. 4. NEVER LET THE LITTLE KIDS CROSS THE ROAD WITHOUT A TEACHER (you know who you are ). 5. in the case of babysitters vs kids - just let the kids win ( @imdrewjohnston ) 6. warm champagne isn’t very nice. 7. LiStEn To YoUr DrIvInG iNsTrUcToR wHeN tHeIr TeAcHiNg yOu HoW tO pArK. 8. you don’t need more maccas so go & take your backside home & do your blooming homework susan. 9. FIND YOUR OWN HAPPINESS NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S. 10. if @spackmanesy & your mum are saying that they’re going to the pub while you’re in surgery, don’t believe them. 11. don’t EVER play duck-duck-goose on carpet in heels because it’s not gonna end nicely, i promise. 12. the customer & the year nine student on your band excursion is “always” right... 13. soak in thy sunshine baby. 14. your best friends brother doesn’t like you back just because you know stuff about cars (? ). 15. when in doubt: smile & nod, smile & nod, SMILE & NOD. 16. STAY AWAY FROM THE SCISSORS AT 12AM = HOMEMADE FRINGES ARE NOT CUTE ! 17. always (and i mean always ) ask your teacher for more lollipops, you’ll thank me later x. 18. just don’t wait until 8pm night before to start an assignment. 19. LIVE IN THE MOMENT. SONG: ‘Everything Moves’ by Bronze Radio Return

last month

“thanks for not expelling me mr stone” 💒

last month

nanas club. 🦋 you girls got me through everything

last month

my girl, since 06 🦋

last month

always a party when @laramichelle .s is around 🍌

Nov 2019

how the gray’s (minus 1 ) take the railway stakes 🥂

Nov 2019

something big is on it’s way 🧚🏼‍♀️ #onlytimewilltell throw a guess in the comments

Nov 2019

t h a n k f u l

Nov 2019

i’d stay on the plane for u

Oct 2019

take care, love and serve the others around you.⠀ love your enemies and may you never fall short to a broken heart. keep striving to leave the remnants of yesterday behind and place your mind in the now. let your love be surrounded by those of purity, for thy your soul may know purity. ⠀ you are capable of all good things, so I ask that you ponder into a new reality. ⠀ and, with this I will strive to find myself. 🦋✨ I’m grateful for the voice that social media offers us, but occasionally it can claim our lives. instagram has become an essential instead of a luxury. our day-to-day life doesn’t amount to being provided with a life where we get to be surrounded by nature and encouraging people. i believe that sometimes we can become so indulged in our phones that we forget that there’s an entire world right outside of our doorstep. be thankful that we get to live in such a beautiful place. be happy that we are able to share special moments with one another outside of the screens glued to our hands. i know i am. that’s why i’m leaving instagram for a while. all my love and best wishes

Sep 2019

my best friend ✨

Sep 2019

eight18teen 🥂

Sep 2019

Sisters Support Sisters! For a few months now, I've been thinking about running a campaign to help girls around my age feel better about their worth. If you have seen our Instagram story in July - you would have seen where I started to discuss what Sisters Support Sisters is. And, if not: Sisters Support Sisters is a little organisation within HLC! If you're a local chicky, I would love for you to get involved. By organising a shoot with us, you're having a role to play in this campaign. My goal is to help you acknowledge that you're beautiful! Please if you're interested, get in touch! Over the next few weeks, we will be covering these topics in q&a's sat by our main babe Shelby, some of the dream team and even a few of our favourite customers!

Sep 2019

smashed out some goals today ♡

Sep 2019

happy fathers day from ‘06 🧸

Aug 2019

the way miss universe signs off of science day 2019 is out of this world 💐

Aug 2019

day 48: im back riding riley & thank goodness for that ♡

Aug 2019

u can’t speak with my voice anymore x